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W-Ni alloy

1 Kilogram Tungsten alloy cube

1 Kilogram Tungsten alloy cube

Product Description:

Tungsten heavy alloys, mainly has two series, W-Ni-Fe and W-Ni-Cu, sometimes even W-Ni-Cu-Fe, which is a kind of alloy using tungsten as matrix and adds with other elements such as nickel, iron, copper. Compared to W-Ni-Cu, W-Ni-Fe possesses a better mechanical property.

Our tungsten alloy cube are produced by powder metal and sintering processes.

Our general processing route for tungsten heavy alloys as follows: 1. Firstly, mix the calculated amount of elemental powders according to certain ratio, ball milling to even all powders and refine powder grains. Pressing and liquid phase sintering are employed to reach almost full density.

Features: high density (15.8~18.5g/cm3), high melting point, wear resistance, high tensile strength, good elongation capacity, low vapor pressure, excellent thermal stability and high radiation absorption capacity, etc..



Due to these advantages they are widely used in various fields including the sports, industry and medicine, etc. Besides, WHA are widely used as balance counter weights in pinewood racing car, golf, dart, fishing tackle and national defense. Later, by Exquisite processing, tungsten alloy cube becomes a aesthetic decorations, such as a perfect dice and so on. 

Advantages of tungsten heavy alloy:

The outstanding feature of heavy metal alloys is the high density, which is far higher than nickel, titanium and lead alloys. It is employed to be a substitute for those alloys, not only owing to its superior physical properties mentioned above, but a low expansion coefficient and high modulus of elasticity. Ray absorption capability: its capacity is 30-40% higher than lead, the thermal conductivity is five times than die steel.