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HF08U solid carbide rod

HF08U solid carbide rod

Product Description:

Cemented carbide essentially consists of two main components: hard metal tungsten carbide (WC) and binding agent Co. Carbide contributes to high hardness property in a very important degree for hard metal WC, while cobalt maintains its relative high toughness at the high level of hardness. 

With Hot Isostatic Pressing sintering technique, cemented carbide material is fully consolidated by simultaneous application of heat and pressure, producing a close-to-full-density state. Consequently, the technique greatly optimizes rod’s quality, being more stable and reliable.



1.330mm, 310mm are standard length;

2.Diameter can be customized from as required.

Areas of Application:

It is fit for highly wear resistant and heat resistant materials, nickel based alloys and composite materials. Suitable for high speed cutting. Recommended to make milling tools and drills.


Cemented carbide consists of natural hard and stable phase, and practically doesn’t lose any level of its high hardness when heating up. Therefore, high speed steel cannot substitute tungsten carbide, as the high hardness of HSS is only in a result of quenching process during which hard phase nucleates & grows and it breaks down when annealing.

Quality can be taken for granted, as we produce tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, and material’s quality is for sure guaranteed. About our powder, 11 years are accumulated to be professional, winning high reputation within China, which indicates every pre-process for making solid rods is clearly monitored. Consequently, the quality of solid TC rods is guaranteed to be high and stable.