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HF10 Tungsten Carbide rod

HF10 Tungsten Carbide rod

Product Description:

Tungsten carbide rod HF10 (K10), a WC-Co alloy, Co content 10%, made up by 0.7-0.8μm carbide powder with superior performance and homogeneous compact structure is produced by Hot Isolation Pressing sintering technique, though which cemented carbide material is fully consolidated by simultaneous application of heat and pressure, leading to a product that contains little or no porosity. Therefore, product quality is stable and reliable, and has long service life.

To manufacture solid rods, powders are mixed intensively together first. Then followed by kneading process and subsequently extruded into rod form under certain press. Final heat treatment produces rigidity for rods.


1. 310mm, 330mm are standard length;

2. Diameter can be customized from 2mm to 25mm as requests.

Areas of Application:

Tungsten carbide rods are developed for making carbide cutting tools with its high wear-resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Our HF10 tungsten carbide rods are mainly used to make carbide drill bits. 


Compared to high speed steel, tungsten carbide consists of natural hard and stable phase, and practically doesn’t lose any level of its high hardness when heating up. However, the high hardness of HSS is only in a result of quenching process during which hard phase nucleates & grows. It breaks down easily when annealing. Therefore, carbide tools last significantly longer than HSS.

Quality can be taken for granted. We have been producing tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder FOR 11 years, being famous for its quality and winning high reputation within China. As so, each pre-process for making solid rods is clearly and strictly monitored. Thus, the quality of solid TC rods is guaranteed to be high and stable.