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Tungsten Carbide Rod Blanks---Cut to length

Tungsten Carbide Rod Blanks---Cut to length

Product Description:

Cemented carbide essentially consists of two main components: hard metal tungsten carbide (WC) and binding agent Co. Carbide contributes to high hardness property in a very important degree for hard metal WC, while cobalt maintains its relative high toughness at the high level of hardness.


With Hot Isostatic Pressing sintering technique, cemented carbide material is fully consolidated by simultaneous application of heat and pressure, producing a close-to-full-density state. Consequently, the technique greatly optimizes rod’s quality, being more stable and reliable. 


Our standard carbide rods are available un-ground(metric dimension), but we are capable of satisfying all of your special needs.


Carbide, due to unique characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, strength, toughness and hardness that make it ideal for many industrial applications, especially as a material for cutting tools. 


- Grade: HF25U / K44UF

- with 88% tungsten carbide, 12% cobalt

- Made of 0.4 micron ultrafine TC powder

- Hardness: 92.6 HRA

- Bending strength: 4200 MPa

- Density: 14.17 g/cm3

- As sintered

- Standard metric length: unground cut to length



We would be glad to advise you when choosing the grades to suit optimally your requirements. Following are applications that our HF25U(K20 - K30) fits for cutting. 
    1. Corrosion and heat resistant steel
    2. Stainless steel
    3. Non ferrous metals
    4. Titanium alloys

Competitive Advantage:

The quality of solid TC rods is guaranteed to be high and stable. Because, we produce original high purity tungsten powder with APT purchasing from trustworthy supplier. And since then, we control all steps producing tungsten carbide powder which is used to make tungsten carbide round rods.