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Tungsten Carbide Rod--INCH size

Tungsten Carbide Rod--INCH size

Product Description:

Cemented carbide is composed of a metal matrix composite where carbide particles act as the aggregate and a metallic binder serves as the matrix. The three main variables are the tungsten carbide powder grain size, the amount of tungsten carbide powder and the amount of cobalt.

Our tungsten carbide rods are made of optimum quality raw material wc and cobalt using by powder metallurgy technology.

The rods offered by us are widely known for their features like excellent hardness, transverse rupture strength, durability.

Carbide products can be supplied in either sintered or precision ground form to best suit your specific or individual applications.




Tungsten carbide rod is widely processed into solid carbide end mills, solid carbide drills and solid carbide reamers.

We would be glad to advise you when choosing the grades to suit optimally your requirements. Following are applications that our HF25U(K44UF) fits for cutting. 

1. Corrosion and heat resistant steel

2. Stainless steel

3. Non ferrous metals
4. Titanium alloys

Competitive Advantage:


Cemented carbide consists of natural hard and stable phase, andpractically doesn’t lose any level of its high hardness when heating up.Therefore, high speed steel cannot substitute tungsten carbide, as the highhardness of HSS is only in a result of quenching process during which hardphase nucleates & grows and it breaks down when annealing.

Quality can be taken for granted, as we producetungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, and material’s quality is for sureguaranteed. About our powder, 11 years are accumulated to be professional,winning high reputation within China, which indicates every pre-process formaking solid rods is clearly monitored. Consequently, the quality of solid TCrods is guaranteed to be high and stable.