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Tungsten Carbide Rod --DIN standard

Tungsten Carbide Rod --DIN standard

Product Description:

Carbide is an alloy material with unique characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, strength, toughness and hardness that make it ideal for many industrial applications, especially as a material for cutting tools.

Our tungsten carbide rod is a WC-Co alloy, Co content 10%, made up by 0.6um submicron grain through Sintering technology, which is simultaneous application of heat and pressure fully consolidates the carbide during the sintering process. 

We adopt automatical temperature control system and advanced sintering technology to reduce the probability of porosities, which efficient increase the mechanical property of rod blank. Our Carbide rods product quality is stable and reliable, which have a good shock resistance, abrasion resistant and bending resistance in use.



We would be glad to advise you when choosing the grades to suit optimally your requirements. 

Following are applications that our HF30(K30 - K40) fits for cutting. 

1. Corrosion and heat resistant steel

2. Stainless steel

3. Non ferrous metals

4. Plastics

Competitive Advantage:

1. We are a genuine manufacturer of cemented carbide rod with professional experience, focusing on its long-last stable quality.

2. From tungsten powder to tungsten carbide powder and then to cemented carbide rod, we monitor the whole production process all by ourselves, as we started our business with tungsten powder, winning high reputation in this industry. Therefore, the quality of material is under the strictly control and all qualified. 

3. Our products are made of virgin tungsten carbide powder.

4. Fast delivery--with available standard size bar(Metric size) in stock.

5. We provide post-processing service: cutting, h6 grinding and chamfering.