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Solid Carbide Rod

Solid Carbide Rod

Product Description:

Cemented carbide is an alloy material consists of a hard refractory metal compound and bonding metal by powder metallurgy process.


Cemented carbide rod also known as tungsten carbide rod, hard alloy rod, hard metal rod. Our tungsten carbide rods are using Hot Isostatic Pressing sintering technique, which greatly optimizes rod’s quality and being more stable and reliable.


The rods offered by us are widely known for their features like dimensional accuracy, durability, high bending strength.


Production process: dosing, wet-milling, pressing, sintering, quality test, finished product, packaging.




Areas of Application:

Carbide is an hard alloy material with unique characteristics that make it ideal for many industrial applications, especially as a material for cutting tools, it is widely processed into solid carbide end mills, solid carbide drills and solid carbide reamers.




We make tungsten power, WC powder, carbide powder, and then we produce carbide rods. In this case, we can monitor every process and make sure that we can make the stable tungsten carbide rods.
Our standard carbide rods are available unground (metric diameters), but we can also satisfy your custom-made need.