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6 facet Tungsten carbide anvil

6 facet Tungsten carbide anvil

Product Description:

Cemented carbide anvils are forged, pressed and hip sintered by powder metallurgy technique. Before using it, anvils must undergo aging process to eliminate internal residual stress, in case cracking happens during usage. 

Carbide anvils are key components of EHV and high temperature apparatus which can synthesize artificial diamonds. 

Due to its high strength, wear resistance, excellent toughness and thermal stability, tungsten carbide becomes an optimal material for this application. Since the anvil is mounted on a large pad cubic of 6 facet piston top, cavity can reach a state of 10 to 20 GPa and 1500℃ when six anvils are drove together by cylinder which forms a closed environment. Thus tungsten carbide anvil is working under a supercritical condition, suffering stress, tensile stress and shear stress at the same time.



Cemented carbide anvils are mainly used for synthesizing artificial diamond.


The main chemical component of the cemented carbide anvil is tungsten carbide powder, and we are a professional manufacturer for the tungsten carbide powder with many years production experiences, so we can strictly monitor the quality of raw material from the whole of production process and we can assure that our tungsten carbide anvil are qualified.