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YG12C Tungsten carbide plate

YG12C Tungsten carbide plate

Product Description:

Tungsten carbide plate also known as tungsten steel plate which is one type of tungsten steel products, which consists of two main components hard material WC and binding agent Co. The different contents of WC (Wolfram Carbide) and Co determine the different properties and purposes of tungsten carbide plates. Its general production process is as carbide rods which are kneading, pressing and sintering.

Recommended grade: YG12C, with 12% cobalt content, density 13.7g/cm3, hardness 82.8~83 HRA, transverse rupture strength:3300~3500 MPa.

Characteristics: high hardness, wear resistance, high elastic modulus particularly with low impact toughness and expansion coefficient. Due to above mentioned unique features, which enable tungsten carbide plate to be a perfect molding material.

Our tungsten carbide blanks can be made in standard dimension and meet customers’ different requirements.


As width, length and thickness are all different, tungsten carbide plate can be customized according to customers’requirements. Thus information below needs to be provided.

1. Specific dimensions including length,width and thickness

2. Required tolerance

3. Surface state: sintered blank or ground

4. Quantity

5. Desired grade for application andspecific chemical component


Owing to the outstanding feature of highwear resistance, which makes tungsten carbide plates a perfect molding material.

Competitive Advantage:

We have 11 years professional productionexperience in tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, so material’s qualityis for sure guaranteed. And every pre-process for making TC plates is clearlymonitored. Consequently, the quality of tungsten carbide plate is guaranteed to be high and stable.