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YG10 Tungsten Carbide Ball

YG10 Tungsten Carbide Ball

Product Description:

Our cemented carbide balls are marked by high hardness, good wear resistance and bending strength. They are made by 1-3 μm medium grain size tungsten carbide powder and binder cobalt.

Our tungsten carbide balls are produced by Hot Isolation Pressing sintering technique. We can also provide products in different sizes and grades to meet our clients’ requirements.

Tungsten carbide balls are ideal for applications where extreme hardness must be accompanied by high resistance to wear and impact. TC ball is usually used in harsh conditions, and can perfectly substitute steel balls. Our Tungsten carbide ball is always used for ball milling, effectively making powders added with different elements be more even so we can get uniform grain size powder.



Tungsten carbide balls are used in applications requiring extreme hardness and resistance to wear and can withstand hard shocks and impacts. The main applications include ball valves, flow meters, ball bearings, linear bearings, and ball screws.


As we have 11 years professional production experience of tungsten carbide powder, so we can assure you that the raw materials of tungsten carbide ball are all qualified and every process is under our strictly monitored. Furthermore, our delivery time is fast because there are many standard size in our stock.