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Quality Control

Jiangsu Hetian Technological Company has its own chemistry laboratories and strict quality control department. From tungsten powder to tungsten derivatives, every step is strictly monitored.

To ensure the quality, our company are fully equiped with corresponding of facilities such as Atomic absorption spectrometers, particle size & distribution analyzer, oxygen meter, coercive force meter, carbon deternimator, grinding machine, optical microscopes and so on.  

For powders, following parameters will be inspected: F.S.S.S particle size, particle distribution, specific surface area, apparent density& tap density, carbon content, free carbon content, oxygen content and trace elements contents etc.

All tungsten carbide rods will first experience crash tests after sintering. Within standard distance, products will be marked as a failure if not passed the crash tests. And then be sent to inspect its saturation magnetization, coercive force, phase diagram and so on.